Tips for renovating the bathroom with little money


If you are tired of always seeing the same bathroom at home and you think you need a major change, you should not worry because it is possible to renew it completely without having to spend too much money.

With a series of decorative tips, you can enjoy a new and wonderful bathroom while saving a good sum of money.

Change textiles

Something as simple and as easy as renovating textiles can make your bathroom look like another totally different and new one. Do not hesitate to change the towels or the shower curtain and put other types of textiles that help create a modern and contemporary space in which to give you a relaxing and pleasant shower.

Renew the look of the sink and the toilet

Change the whole sink and toilet is a great waste of money so it is advisable to renew the bathroom taps for one that is more current and change the toilet lid for a totally different to help give a new air to everything bathroom.toilet

Renovate the furniture

Another way to give a new air to the bathroom is to renew part of the furniture. You can paint them with a new color that helps to create a new decorative style or put some kind of decorative vinyl that helps to renew all the visual aspect of the bathroom. You can add some type of shelf that allows you to have a space organized and organized.


There are many bathrooms that have a type of inadequate lighting that makes the decoration leave much to be desired. With a series of tips, you can make the most of the bathroom lighting and create a pleasant space in addition to renewed. That is why the bathroom should have general lighting and another type of particular lighting in the area of the sink. In this easy and simple way, you can completely renew the bathroom and give it a new look.bathroom

Painting the floor of the bathroom

There are many ways to renew the bathroom without having to spend too much money. One of them may be to paint the floor with a new color that allows you to enjoy a new decoration. Today there is a wide variety of paintings with which to paint the tiles of the bathroom and have a bathroom completely renovated and as new.

Change the bathtub for a shower plate

There are many bathrooms that have a large bathtub that does not help to get the proper decoration. That is why you can change the bathtub for a shower plate that will allow you to gain both space and functionality. If you want to save money you can put a new coating on the shower plate part and combine it with the rest of the bathroom floor. In the event that you can not invest so much money when renovating the bathroom, you can cover the floor of the bathroom with decorative vinyl that allows you to enjoy a new and current space.bathroom

As you have seen, it is not necessary to invest a lot of money when changing the appearance of the bathroom, since with some practical tips you can enjoy a new decoration in such an important area of the house as the bathroom. As you have done with the bathroom you can use these wonderful decorative tricks to give a new look to other areas of the house such as the living room, kitchen or bedroom. With very little money and some imagination, you can give a new air to your entire house.

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