Tips to choose well the curtains for the living room


The curtains for the living room are more than essential. Because thanks to them, we can cover the windows of the most curious neighbors. At the same time, we will not let the sun pass with all its strength but we do need the luminosity to be always present in our home.

Starting from these details, it is not always easy to choose the curtains for the living room. There are many fabrics or lengths and colors that we can find. Therefore, today we leave you with a series of tips that you must put into practice and you will see how dressing your rooms is not as difficult as you think.

The length of the curtains for the living room

Everyone has their tastes and in the theme of decoration, it was not going to be less. But the truth is that when we talk about the length of the curtains for the living room, the vast majority is clear. The trends are seen with quite long curtains. They should rest on the floor, as this effect will create a more elegant and current style. So, if you drag slightly, do not think that you’ve gone through the long, but you’ve hit the key.

Flax, a good alternative for curtains

Of all the fabrics, linen is always a good idea. Because it has a natural finish and also, once we have our curtains ready, we will see a perfect fall. Linen fabric with mix will not wrinkle as much as we think. Hence, in addition to being a natural fabric, it is practical. There is nothing like washing and the fabric comes out without wrinkles ready to be used. Do not you think?Long-of-the-curtains

In romantic salons, opt for silk

If your room is romantic, with basic or neutral colors, then you can choose silk for your curtains. Although it gives us that delicate finish, at the same time romantic as we say, they are very delicate. This aspect must be taken into account. But if you like the fabric, you can cover it with another fabric so that the sun does not come in with all its strength.

Finishes that do not go out of style

We all know the finishes that are integrated into the curtains for the living room. You can leave the curtain without further additions and you will get a simple and modern style. But undoubtedly, the details in them can also make our home dress more classic or elegant. The clamps are those finishes that allow us to keep the curtain tied to the side. You can choose the ribbons or the tasseled laces. It will always depend on the decorative style you have in your living room.

Bars or rails?

You have these two ways to hang your curtains. Without a doubt, everything is focused on the taste of each one again. The truth is that the rails may not be quite right at the time of finishing but it is true that they are quite practical. The bars with rings are always one of the best options at the same time that it is one of the simplest. In addition, the bars can carry some decorative details that will always complete your decoration. Of course, will be consistent with the rest of the decoration of the room.Curtains-Prints

Curtains with prints or smooth

The safest option is to opt for a smooth curtain in basic or neutral tones. More than anything because we make sure that it will blend perfectly with the rest of the decoration. The white or beige color is always a simple and appropriate option. But it is true that we can also opt for colors as long as our room is more relaxed in them. If your room is small, the best is still the plain color. If it is large and spacious, then you can opt for prints that will give you a new life.

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