Train beds, an alternative to classic bunk beds


It is not easy to choose the right beds to furnish the children’s bedroom. To help you, some months ago we mentioned the characteristics of some of the most interesting alternatives that you can find in the market, from the simplest to the most compact, do you remember?

Then we talked about the train bed, a vertical solution that is presented as a great alternative to the classic bunk beds. Today we want to deepen more about this alternative that will not only help you gain space in the nursery but will provide everything you need to furnish it.

What is a train bed?train bed

A bed train is a vertical solution that provides two beds, one on top of the other, but not symmetrically as bunk beds would. The beds in this case overlap, taking advantage of the gap between the two to include storage space, something never in a child or youth bedroom.

When one has a small space to create a shared dormitory, the train beds become a great alternative. Its many configurations allow adapting them to rooms with different characteristics, being able to classify them according to the configuration in:

  • Train beds online: Are those that are placed attached to the same wall in the same direction. They are the most popular alternative when the wall is long enough to house the two beds with the necessary lag to include a wardrobe.
  • Perpendicular train beds:  There are also designs on the market with perpendicular beds. When the room does not have the necessary measures to install a train bed like the previous ones, this is a great alternative. They are compact “L” furniture that allows us to take advantage of space in a different way.

Extras of the train beds

The train beds include storage modules that are very practical in the children’s bedroom. Cabinets with one or more doors are usually combined, ideal for organizing the clothes of the youngest, with small drawers, shelves, and even study areas.

Drawers under the bed

Nowadays it is usual for the bed to be raised on drawers in order to gain extra storage space to organize bedding. The usual is to find two drawers under the lower bed, but there are models with up to four drawers on the market.Wardrobe


The space generated due to the gap between both bed is used, generally, to create a large wardrobe. A wardrobe with a limited height that of the upper bed, but of great depth, as you can see in the following image. Enough to organize a child’s clothes, do not you think?High cabinets

High cabinets

As children grow they will need more storage space. Then when the train beds with additional modules that incorporate high cabinets present a great advantage over previous models. If the budget is not a problem this type of compact designs guarantee to cover the needs of the smallest years and years. The ideal in these cases is to measure the length of the room well and acquire a design that allows you to make the most of it.Desk


While they are small they will not need a workspace, but the day will come when it will be essential for them to have one. Many train beds incorporate small workspaces that are collected while not in use, saving space. If there is not enough space in the room for a desk with a library or you do not want them to lose play space, it is a great alternative.

In the market you will find a wide variety of train beds; from the simplest with two bed and small additional storage space to the most complete with high wardrobes, bookcases or study areas. Its performance depends on the price that will range between € 300 and € 1,600.

Measure the room well and do not rush when choosing the train bed and the necessary modules to furnish it. Make the most of the available space, also thinking about future needs.

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