Tricks to renovate the living room of your house without changing the furniture


Is the living room of your house already outdated? If for the use or for having risked too much with colors or styles that have already gone out of fashion your living room has been outdated. Then it is time to get down to work and update your style or reform it. You probably think that the biggest obstacle to carrying out a change of this magnitude is the budget, but it does not have to be that way. Sometimes with just a few small economic reforms and simple to do you can get an optimal result and give a completely renovated air to your home. In this article of decoration. We show you a series of tricks to renovate the living room of your house without changing the furniture and not spending a lot of money.

How to change your living room without new furniture?

If you do not want to spend a lot of money on a renovation of your living room or you rent and do not want to make large outlays or spend a lot of work, you can always do minor renovations without having to change the furniture. Some decorative works that do not have to take you either a lot of time nor money. It is advisable not to opt for decorations or styles that we see are going to be ephemeral or very extravagant. Keep in mind that opting for these types of styles can make us look outdated in a short time. Among the tricks that can help you to give a new image to the living room of your house are.

1. Clean the walls and ceiling

If the color of the walls you like and the surfaces are not very damaged and/or dirty, you can do a deep cleaning of all the walls, also cleaning the ceiling. To do this, first, pass a broom with a dry cloth to remove possible cobwebs and other dust. Always pass it from top to bottom. Afterward, clean the dirt and stains with a clean, white cloth dampened in water with white cleaning vinegar and well wrung out. Deep cleaning can be enough to give a more careful air and renew the look of your living room.

2. Paint the walls

If you do not like the color of the walls of your living room or it has already been outdated or very dirty. Then it will be time to repaint. Decide for light colors, being especially advisable to paint white and avoid those tones that may highlight the deterioration or antiquity of our furniture. According to decoration specialists, white will give more light, giving a clean feeling. However, you can know different ideas to paint the walls and change their appearance.

3. Protect the floors with carpets

If the floor of your living room is made of wood, check well in what state it is, if there are scratches. Bumps or discolored areas. Sometimes with a soft wood clean and give a layer of liquid repairing natural oils and wood pulps to cover possible scratches and holes. Something similar will have to be done if the floors are made of cork, terrazzo or porcelain. The cleaning and restoration of the same will be one of the first steps; you can improve their appearance by covering them with a carpet. The carpets will not give much game to help us pontifical the surface of the living room and the dining room and introduce colors and current reasons. Look at the best modern carpets you want to have in your house for your new living room.

4. Paint doors and windows

If the doors are badly damaged they can always be replaced with new ones. Taking advantage of them with a coat of paint or varnish if they are still usable. A change of handles is also interesting if we want to renew and modernize the appearance of the entire door.

5. Change curtains or put curtains and curtains

Putting new curtains and/or other style is another of the great solutions to renovate the living room of your home without changing the furniture. A simple and not very expensive way to introduce new colors and styles and more modern formats.

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