Types of children’s beds to decorate the bedroom


It is not easy to choose a bed to decorate the children’s bedroom. Today there are numerous models that can fit in this space, from the simplest and traditional, to the most modern and compact. The space available and the use you want to give the room will largely determine one or another choice.

Twin beds, beds train, bunk beds, foldaway beds… whatever your need be the market is ready to cover them. Each type of bed has its advantages over the rest and analyzing them is necessary to make the most of the space.

Single beds

We start with the more traditional alternative, the single beds. Beds that in addition to the mattress and mattress usually include a headboard and footboard according to your disposition, headboards that can be made of steel or wood or be upholstered. The majority rise a few centimeters above the ground so that you can take advantage of the space to place some item of storage.

There are elements that convert this type of beds, into dream beds for the little ones. The beds with canopy, for example, add an air of fantasy to children’s rooms. During the fourteenth century, they were used in the thrones of kings and princes, which is why today they transfer the youngest to the world of stories.

There is also furniture on the market that makes both big and small dream. We talk about home beds, a trend currently in the market available to anyone. If you are a little handy yourself you can create simple and original structures like the ones in the top image.

Transition beds

The transition beds are specific beds for small children, until approximately 7 years old. The low structure of these transitional beds makes it easier for the child to get on and off the bed, giving them greater freedom of movement and facilitating the transition from the crib to the bed.

Smaller than the usual children’s beds, the transitional ones contribute to free the room and allow more space to be allocated to the area while the children are small. Its advantages with unquestionable, however, we cannot forget that the acquisition of these beds of transition is an investment for the family.

Loft beds

A loft bed is a raised bed that allows us to maximize the useful space of the children’s bedroom. A piece of furniture to be taken into account, especially when decorating small bedrooms. Why? Because it allows us to have the space that would normally occupy the bed and use it to cover the needs of play or study in each stage of the child.

While the children are small, we can decorate the space below the bed with a rug, some cushions and some boxes to store their toys, turning it into a coquettish playground or reading area. As they grow and their needs change, we can dedicate this space to create a study area in which there is no shortage of a desk and some storage solution.

Nest beds

The trundle bed introduces a second bed into the bedroom, in the same space occupied by the first one. It is a piece of furniture traditionally intended for children’s bedrooms or guest rooms that allow a greater performance to be achieved when the second bed is not used and is collected or hidden under the first one.

There are trundle beds that in addition to a second bed provide us with extra storage space. It usually consists of different drawers at ground level, very useful for collecting bedding, pajamas or household clothing for the little ones. One more way to take advantage of every millimeter of available space.

Train beds

The train beds, unlike bunk beds, are not placed symmetrically one above the other, but overlap. In this way and taking advantage of the gap between both beds, extra storage space is obtained, something that never happens in a children’s room.

The storage space that includes the train beds usually consists of drawers and small cabinets with one or several doors ideal for organizing the children’s clothes. To this storage space is usually added one of the drawers that usually appears under the lower bed.

Bunk beds

Who has not slept in a bunk at some time? Bunk beds are favorites by many to decorate children’s rooms shared by two, three or four brothers. Beyond the practical sense of the same, focused to take advantage of every last inch of the room, there are features such as the security to which it is essential to pay attention to the time of purchase.

Today it is possible to find bunk beds of different types in the market. The integrated bunk beds, those that are installed between two walls and provide greater privacy to each child are chosen by many when space is not a big problem. Others prefer designer bunk beds, with clean, minimalist structures.

We have not talked about folding children’s beds. They are a great option in bedrooms with space problems, but they are not the most demanded because they are less practical or less comfortable when used by younger children.

As you can see there are many types of children’s beds nowadays to decorate the children’s bedroom. And you? What type of bed did you have as a child?

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