Vinyl carpets: modern and easy to clean


Carpets play a very important role in our homes. They do not just cover the floor and bring warmth to the rooms; they also add a touch of style to them. A carpet with a nice texture and a striking pattern or colors that complement your decoration is capable of transforming a whole space.

The shape, the colors that it presents and the material in which it is made influence the effect that a carpet causes in a certain space. The search for new materials such as vinyl has revolutionized the market, making it possible for a large carpet to be practical in large public and outdoor spaces.

The vinyl carpets are resistant and washable, characteristics that make them be valued positively, compared to other types of alternatives, in public spaces of great affluence, outdoor spaces, and homes with children, allergic people or pets.

Advantages of vinyl carpets

The vinyl carpets are resistant to the passage of time and are easy to clean with soap and water; characteristics that make them appropriate for use both in public spaces, as in private spaces, be these interior or exterior. Further:

  • They are made of PVC a very resistant material.
  • They are washable.
  • They repel dust and animal hair.
  • They have high resistance to fire.
  • They are acoustic insulators.
  • They are economic.
  • They have very varied designs

Known the technical characteristics of the vinyl carpets, it is easy to think about the suitability of this type of carpets to decorate passage areas, outdoor spaces, and play areas for the little ones or creative studios.

Types of carpets according to your design

The shape, the texture, the color of the carpet will have a great influence on the final aesthetics of a certain space. It is important that it be in harmony with the rest of the furniture and accessories that decorate the room; something that is not complicated given its popularity and the possibility of customization in the market.

The most demanded vinyl carpets are those that imitate the hydraulic mosaic floors. The company Hydraulic was one of the first to transfer the modernist aesthetics of those floors to the vinyl fabric. Today the company markets two large lines of carpets: ‘Classic’, inspired by the 1900s modernism, which presents designs that recreate shapes and colors of our most universal aesthetic tradition; and ‘Modern’, which is committed to a timeless and elegant style.carpets

Another Spanish company that produces this type of carpet is Mammut. Like the previous ones, your carpets do not require any type of installation: they are placed like a normal carpet (without adhesives) and are perfectly integrated into the floor thanks to their anti-slip material. They are also very economical.

The geometric designs also enjoy great popularity. The designs in black and white are one of the most demanded; they usually decorate rooms like the living room, the kitchen or the bathroom. For bedrooms, especially those of the youngest, we prefer pastel colors. And outside? There are many who dare with striking colors: yellow, green, pink…

In addition to these, there are vinyl carpets in neutral colors that imitate different textures such as the braids of the vegetal fibers or the curl of other more traditional ones. Companies such as KP, responsible for the Kaplan fabric, allow them to be customized in addition to the client’s taste. If you are looking for versatile carpets that do not attract too much attention in a warm touch to your home, this type of carpet is the most appropriate.

The carpets provide warmth to the rooms and rich colors. It is not surprising, therefore, that they have been and are an essential decorative element in many homes. And it should not surprise us that we have innovated in terms of materials to adapt them to new needs. The vinyl carpets have not arrived to replace the traditional Persian rugs, but to complement their market with a proposal of very different characteristics.

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