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Is your kitchen small? Zero dramas! With an accurate distribution, you will forget its small size to enjoy it centimeter by centimeter. And which is the most successful? When the kitchen is narrow and elongated the distribution in “L” is a great alternative, while in those of square plan the configuration in “U” becomes the best ally.

The “U” layout of the furniture is the one that expresses more and better the meters in kitchens of the square plant with a minimum of 240 cm wide. Do you want to know all the keys to this distribution?

Keys of U distribution

The distribution in “U” is a great alternative to get the most out of small kitchens with a square floor, provided you have the necessary space. You can not use this distribution if the kitchen is not a minimum of 240 cm wide.

Why 240 cm Wide? Because it is the width that ensures you can open the cabinets without problems and move without feeling corseted. Once the cabinets are installed, the central space would be about 120 cm. This space should be sufficient for a person to be able to manage themselves comfortably in the kitchen and for two people to use it at the same time. If space is not respected, it would be practically impossible for the space to be used by two family members at the same time.

In U-kitchens, the working triangle is the imaginary drawing that usually forms the three basic areas of the kitchen: sink fires, and oven/pantry. The more perfect this triangle is, the more comfortable and agile it is, the route we take when working in the kitchen. However, this distribution is not always more appropriate.U kitchens

In a very small space, this triangle arrangement produces a feeling of confinement and prevents us from working comfortably. If, on the other hand, the space is very large, the distances of the working triangle increase, losing functionality.

To get the most out of this distribution, the idea is to place the sink under the window, to take advantage of natural light while preparing and cleaning food and utensils. The stoves, on the other hand, should always be placed in front of a wall for safety reasons.

U closed kitchen

In closed kitchens, you can take advantage of the window area to enable a small office to eat, reserving the parallel fronts to place the cabinets. It will be enough to do without the inferior cupboards of a part of the “U” and convert that space into a bar for two, placing a pair of stools.U-shaped kitchen

In closed and very small kitchens take every skillful centimeter to gain storage is often key. Take the cabinets to the ceiling, only then you will be able to accommodate all your tools and kitchen utensils.

U-shaped kitchen open to the living room

In open kitchens, the bar that separates the kitchen from the living room is usually extended by a few centimeters to enjoy an office or informal dining area. In these cases and with the intention of clearing the vision it is usual to renounce large upper cupboards, replacing them with some shelves that subject to the ceiling provide extra storage.seem bigger

Tricks to make the kitchen seem bigger

If your kitchen is small in addition to choosing the correct distribution it will be necessary to favor the light using an adequate range of colors. The white furniture in glossy finish multiplies the clarity, generating amplitude sensation.

Another way to visually expand the kitchen is to lighten the kitchen cupboards. How? Substituting some high cabinets on the kitchen front for open shelves. Looking at the wall will totally change our perception of the size of the room.

As you have seen there are many ways to design a kitchen with “U” distribution. An especially practical distribution in square kitchens and/or kitchens opens to the living room. With our keys and our images as inspiration, you will have no problem to design kitchens in U.

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