What is epoxy paint? Advantages, disadvantages, applications


epoxy paintTo renew Wood support, tyling, stone or even uprights colors, Ipakshi paint is a safe bet. Highly resistant and offers a tight and smooth rendering, it will be a boost of all internal.

Epoxy paint: definition and explanation

The Epoxy paint is within the range of the oil paintings. This product contains two essential elements: a base and a hardener. When the epoxy polymer binder is formed this base is attached to the second element, a chemical reaction occurs and provides an ultra-resistant epoxy paint. But beware, this mixture dries very quickly and if not applied quickly, it will multi support the Color. Note that it is possible to get three forms of epoxy paint on the market: solid bases, water bases, and Solvent. however, due to its high toxicity, it is becoming increasingly rare.

The advantages and limitations of epoxy paint

The biggest advantage attributed to epoxy paint is its unequaled resistance. It is not afraid of scratches, impacts or detergents. It is even possible to use it to cover a dense traffic floor. As long as the support is prepared in the state of the art, the lifetime of the painting will extend over several years. Another advantage is its high hiding power, which offers homogeneous rendering as well as its deep, smooth mirror effect. Moreover, it is a multi-support painting, usable as much on the ceiling, on the walls as on the grounds. On the market, a wide range of colors is available and maintenance is relatively easy compared to water-based paints.

But the flip side of the coin exists, the epoxy paint has its limits. Its application is quite complex. The substrate must undergo major preparation before receiving the first layers of paint so that it is resistant.

As well, taking into account Toxicity’s products is yet another inconvenience. During the application period and drying, this part must be good is ventilated even after painting for several days, because the paint can apply a significant amount of organic compounds (VOCs) to the Emits. The time to dry is long. In plains, it’s fast, but drying in the heart is what makes it lasting. And for the outside, it also has disadvantages, as well as threatening UV rays. But if you still want to apply it outside, be sure to apply a special level of Protection.

How to apply epoxy paint?

The work starts with the preparation of the support. Remove damaged and friable parts over the entire surface and fill any holes and repair imperfections. Then go to the sanding step and dust off. Finish the preparation by washing the support with soapy water and a sponge.

Be careful, never apply the paint on a still damp surface. Wait for the time it takes. This done, read the instructions recommended by the manufacturer. Combine both ingredients and apply immediately with a spray gun, brush or roller.

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