What is the vertical garden


The vertical garden is one of the best ideas to give an original touch to our home. It is a green wall that, sometimes, we can find both inside and outside. In addition to having a natural and precious space, the truth is that it also has a number of advantages in terms of conventional gardens.

It goes without saying that being placed vertically saves a lot of space. So we will no longer have any excuse for not getting a hole for him. Of course, we need a series of tips and ideas that we can practice to give priority to one of the most natural corners of our home.

What is the vertical garden?

Without a doubt, we have already commented along the first lines. It is an area where we will plant flowers and other species, giving us a natural corner in our home. Instead of being located in the ground area, we will find it vertically and on a wall or wall. It is a perfect way to show off a green space, even if we don’t have much room at home. Thanks to an idea like this, we will always add the original and natural touch that every house needs.

How to create vertical gardens

First, we must choose the area where we will place it. Once selected, we must design our garden. If you do not want to complicate yourself too much or you are not very handyman, you can always buy a pre-fabricated vertical garden design. But it is true that the bases of it can be very varied, depending on the size, place or our needs: pallets, felt bags, recycled bottles, etc.

You need to choose a substrate depending on the conditions of the vertical garden. That is if it is going to be indoor or outdoor, the temperatures it can receive, etc. Therefore, depending on all this, we will need hydroponics substrate, mixed or with soil, among others. Thanks to these substrates, the plants will receive the necessary nutrients.

Once you have planted the options you have chosen, you should keep in mind that irrigation is also another of the fundamental parts of every garden. As our protagonists today are usually small, many people opt for manual watering. But this also has to do with the substrate we have chosen.

Recommended plants for a vertical garden

If you still do not know what type of plants will be perfect for a garden of this type, we mention some of them. Since you have to think if you want the whole area in one color, or by combining several. This always goes to everyone’s taste, since here there are no rules that govern it. Some people choose to plant aromatic plants, in order to enrich their kitchen later.

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On the other hand, you can opt for ferns, as well as geraniums. Begonias, as well as the so-called ‘baby tears’ or watermelon leaf, are some of the most demanded examples. We cannot forget the orchids. Which need a little shade, as well as the nutshell that also prefers to avoid the sun and is another of the basic ideas for this type of gardens.Garden maintenance

Garden maintenance

All gardens need maintenance. So this was not going to be the exception. Once a week, approximately, we will have to give it a little care. We must maintain the correct irrigation at all times since excess water can also be harmful to plants. Pruning is another step to take as it prevents pests and renews foliage. You must renew the land and pay it, since being a limited area, it is easy for the roots to grow and be made with all the nutrients.

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