White kitchens for home, a great success


If you like bright spaces and have declared yourself a Scandinavian fan, you will surely love white kitchens. Undoubtedly, covering the home with white is a great success, since it allows us to do great things, easily change the decoration with four touches and enjoy serene and full of light environments.

Choosing white kitchens for the home is a great idea. They have a large number of advantages and that is why we encourage you to see some of these beautiful kitchens full of light. A classic that will never go out of fashion, a basic in every rule, the color white.

White and bright kitchensWhite kitchens

One of the great advantages of the white color is that it reflects light, and this makes the luminosity of the environments multiply when we have this tone. The white kitchens seem much brighter, even though they do not have natural light. That is why if you have a kitchen in which there are small windows or that is not exterior, you can use the color white to create spacious and bright spaces. Other tricks so that this luminosity is still greater are to use lacquered finishes, avoiding matte tones, which do not reflect as much. In addition, you can use white tiles and add some mirror, as well as points of light in certain places.

Small and white kitchensWhite kitchens

Another advantage of these beautiful white kitchens is that they are much wider than kitchens in dark tones. If your kitchen is small or narrow, with the white color you will reduce the feeling of a small place. It is the most chosen tone for small spaces and small apartments because it helps us to have relaxing spaces that seem to have more square meters.

Modern white kitchensWhite kitchens

The color white is suitable for all types of styles, but of course, it has been used a lot in modern and minimalist spaces, along with gray or black. It is a basic that serves for more sober spaces, or as a base for places to which we want to give light. The white kitchens are usually modern, a great success for a modern kitchen. Basic lines and white tones to give a sense of sobriety, sophistication and above all hygiene. Although we may think that white is a disadvantage because everything will stain before, the truth is that current materials, easy to clean and hypoallergenic, are ideal to add without fear this color that had been forgotten in the most classic environments.

Classic white kitchensWhite kitchens

The classic kitchens that we see in white are usually renovated spaces. In general, the furniture used to have the tone of the wood, but nowadays they look for much more luminous and cozy spaces, and for this, they use the eternal white. If you are one of those who has a classic kitchen in wood, you can choose to paint the furniture in a nice broken white or pure white. Change the shooters for more current ones and you will have the perfect set.

White kitchens with woodWhite kitchens

Another disadvantage that you see in kitchens that are completely white is that they can lead to a feeling of coldness. But there is nothing that does not fix a few mixtures and details. If you like the whole home to look warmer than modern or sophisticated, you can always use wood. It is a simple mix, which in the Scandinavian style has given rise to beautiful spaces. In this case, the wood should be quite clear, providing warmth but not excessive contrast with the white color of the kitchen furniture.

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