Wooden cabins a refuge in the middle of nature


The wooden cabins located well in the countryside, well in the middle of a lush forest, become a unique refuge for rest. It is easy to disconnect from the daily routine in these houses that, at first sight, are by themselves warm and cozy.

The dictionary says that the cabin is by definition a country house made of wood. The wood becomes, therefore, the main material, being able to find it in walls, floors and ceilings. But it is not the only key in the decoration of these constructions.

Ideas to decorate wooden cabins

When you imagine a mountain cabin, you immediately draw some interiors in which wood and stone take on a special role. Imagine also dark kitchens of rustic character with a large table or central island in which to enjoy long winter evenings, is not it? And a fireplace; you can not miss a fireplace.

Rustic kitchens

Wooden furniture, robust countertops, deep sinks, open shelves that allow to have the crockery in sight and large lamps hanging from the ceiling… are key elements to decorate the kitchens of wooden cabins like those that occupy our cover. Another alternative is to incorporate steel elements is an alternative if we want to achieve a more industrial and modern look.

It is common to find in this type of kitchen also a sheet or chimney that will heat the space and make it more pleasant in winter. It is also true that the kitchen shares space with the living room and dining room and that the fireplace serves to keep the common or family areas warm.

Large rooms

The rooms of the wooden cabins usually have high ceilings and attic which visually makes the room wider. The beams on the ceiling and the wood of the walls make this room cozy, which is usually decorated simply. Sofas in neutral tones, a wooden coffee table and an armchair by the fireplace are usually enough to make it comfortable.

To illuminate the room tend to choose large hanging lamps; essential if we want to look with ceilings like we usually find in these rooms. They are usually complemented with floor lamps to create a more intimate lighting.

Simple eaters

A solid wood table and chairs of modern design, do you need something more to decorate the dining room of a wooden cabin? Yes, a good lamp that gives us enough light so that eating or dining in this space is pleasant. Lamps with bare bulbs are a trend today.

Bedrooms for rest

The bedrooms of the wooden cabins have only one obligation: to transmit peace. Something that is not difficult at all thanks to the views that we can enjoy through its large windows and the “absence” of furniture. A large and comfortable bed is all that is needed to rest.

Natural fabrics such as linen, cotton and wool play a major role. The sheets and blankets in these fabrics bring warmth to the room. And if we talk about textiles, we must also talk about carpets, essential to keep your feet warm during the winter. The Persian style and the hair are preferred to decorate this type of space.

As you can see, little furniture is needed to decorate a wooden cabin in the countryside to spend our holidays. We have to take into account that we go to this type of refuge to disconnect from the daily routine and rest, so our needs are not the same as in our usual home.

A wooden cabin also provides us the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities, so some of the things we believe essential in our day to day, no longer be in such an environment. Television and computer, for what?

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