Wooden headboards naturalness in the bedroom


The wooden headboards also frame the one that is the most important piece of the bedroom, dress the room. From the most classic headboards in forge or wood with upholstered to those that respond to current trends, all transform our bedroom.

Choosing the right headboard, among the wide range of possibilities, is key to reinforcing one or another style in the bedroom. The wooden headboards, for example, bring warmth and naturalness to the room. Playing with the type of wood chosen as well as its finish, we can also achieve disparate results.

Traditionally wood has been one of the most used materials in the manufacture of headboards. It continues being it, coexisting today in different tendencies in the market with this material like the protagonist. The lighter woods have become favorites to decorate Scandinavian and/or modern style bedrooms, while the darker and veined ones are still preferred to reinforce the rustic and Craft character of a space.

Herringbone wooden headboards

If you take a look at your wall on Pinterest, you will probably find some head of this type. The herringbone headboards are today a trend with great strength due to its rustic and Craft character. Combining planks in different natural tones or painting part of them in soft colors is the key to achieving a current piece.

Headboards with unique pieces

If you are looking for “exclusivity”, a piece of solid wood of great size like the one that serves as headboards in the lower images becomes your best ally. They provide the bedroom with an inescapable rustic style thanks to its irregular cut, its veins … but much more sophisticated.

Carved headboards

The carved headboards are a piece of art and as such, bring a lot of personality to the bedroom. They show our taste for handmade works, without haste, paying attention to detail. Like the previous ones, they represent a great investment, but in return, they provide our bedroom with a natural and bohemian style that makes us fall in love.

Classic headboards

The classic wooden headboards have curved and rounded shapes. They are usually presented with a footboard and frame the bed between 4 desserts, making it acquire a great presence. We can find them in natural tones, painted in white or pastel colors, wearing elegant homes in classic style or traditional country houses.

Modern and minimalist headboards

Are you looking for a more modern bet? Choose one-piece headboards with clean lines like the ones shown below. Polished wood headboards that combine with other furniture in the room to achieve a sober and minimalist space. Better in woods of medium and dark natural tones.

Wooden headboards for children

Creating wooden headboards like the ones we have chosen to illustrate this entry is relatively simple and economical. You do not believe it? You only have to buy wooden planks and use the jigsaw to shape them. You can make them in the shape of a house, a cloud, a tent … and paint them or add stickers to give them color. Give it imagination! There are no limits when it comes to decorating the children’s bedroom.

Other wooden headboards

They are not all they are. In the market, you can find many alternatives in wood and you can build yourself many others. The recycled wooden tables are currently the protagonists of numerous DIY proposals such as the one we show you on the cover and which lengthens the headboard to the ceiling. Ideal for decorating a bohemian bedroom, do not you agree?

You can also use old wooden doors to build your own headboard. If you know someone who is working and is going to throw them away, take advantage of them! If not, you can buy them second hand in one of the many portals that exist for it.

As you can see there are many ways to create wooden headboards that bring personality and warmth to your bedroom. Which of them attracts you more?

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