You can give to an old trunk to organize the home


Do you have an old trunk at home and do not know what to do with it? Quiet! Because we are going to discover some tricks so you can give it a second life. Also, your house will be much prettier and more modern. The decor recycled is fashionable, so, here you will discover how you can make use of a trunk to organize the house and any room. Keep reading and you’ll see that that old trunk has to go anywhere except in the trash!

Reuse an old trunk in the dining room

If you want to reuse a trunk to organize the dining room these are the ideas that you can take into account to make it look like a magazine house.

1. As a coffee table: one of the uses of a more original trunk is that you convert it into an auxiliary table in your living room. For example, you can place it in the center, in front of the sofa, and that it becomes the new coffee table that is perfect for decorating and for leaving things. This idea will work, above all, if the trunk is flat; otherwise, you would have to incorporate a glass so that the objects could be placed on top of the trunk without any problem.

2. Save your cushions or blankets: it can happen that at home you have excess blankets or cushions for the winter days when you want to stay at home. In these cases, nothing better than using an old trunk as a space to store all these objects, organize the home and avoid being thrown around the living room.

3. Next to the sofa, as an auxiliary table: one of the uses of an antique trunk can be perfect to place next to the sofa, on one side. In this way, you will have a perfect table to drink coffee, leave the magazine, mobile, and so on. It will give an elegant and vintage touch to the room but, also, it will be the sea of useful for you’re day to day.

4. As a shelf: another of the best options you can choose is the one that uses the capacity of the trunk to become a shelf. To do this, you just have to leave the trunk open and place it vertically. It incorporates some shelves or shelves inside and you will get to enjoy a bookstore or 100% original bookshelf.

An old trunk in your room

And if these proposals have seemed interesting, there are others so you can make use of the trunk to decorate and organize your room with style.

1. As a bedside table: if you want to give your room a more original and vintage touch, nothing better than replacing your traditional bedside table with a nice trunk. You can decorate it with the color you want or, also, keep its original tone. This idea will work especially if the top of the trunk is flat and not rounded because, thus, you can place objects such as night lamps, books, glasses, etc., without dropping them.

2. Ideal to place at the foot of the bed: if you usually need extra space to store bedding, slippers, cushions, etc., a good solution is to place an old trunk at the foot of the bed. With this, you will get a very aesthetic touch to your room and, at the same time, have a perfect space to store all your stuff.

Other ideas to decorate with a trunk

Finally, so you can decorate other corners of your home with a trunk, there are other ideas that you can take into account. Choose your favorite and do not hesitate to put it into practice.

1. In the hall, to store the shoes. The best thing is that you decorate the trunk and incorporate, for example, a cushion so that it is fully adapted to the room. You can also choose to decorate the wall of the hall with paintings, lamps, etc., making the trunk fully integrated into the decoration. You will achieve a practical and aesthetic solution at the same time. It sounds good, right?

2. Outside, as a coffee table. In these cases, what is recommended is that you varnish and paint the old trunk with a paint that is for outdoors. In this way, you will get the furniture to last longer and not be damaged by the external weather conditions.

3. Perfect for homes with children: another use of a trunk is that it can be a perfect object to store your kids’ toys in a very elegant and tasteful way. To do this, they should only be in your children’s room and, if you want, you can paint it so that it fits better with the decoration and color of this room.

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