Zen decoration the keys to harmony


Zen decoration is one of the most popular styles. The truth is that some think that it is only referred to when we incorporate elements of Japanese type, but nothing is further from reality. It is a style that is based on the beliefs of Buddhism, where harmony is sought.

In addition to this harmony, clarity and space are also present, as well as the result of a much more relaxed decoration than we think. Because it will not only be reflected in our home but also in our mind. A union that we now explain to you as well as the keys of it.

What is Zen decoration?

It is a type of decoration that seeks welfare for your home as well as for your body and mind. Since with decoration like this, you will get a more relaxed atmosphere and this translates into great harmony for your senses. So, in summary, it is about looking for an environment that is not loaded, that tends to show us it’s most positive and full of light. In this way, it will make our senses can also relax.

Keys to Zen decoration: few objectsZen decoration

It is one of the sure bets to achieve our goal. When we are before a room that we are going to decorate, perhaps the imagination plays tricks on us. Because we quickly make a kind of scheme for everything we want to place in it. But is it really necessary? We must always ask ourselves this question since Zen decoration eliminates all kinds of objects that we are not going to really use. Choose only those necessary to create a more spacious environment. We must simplify and really think about what we need and what we will see every day. We need everything to be well ordered and spaces to be a little wide.Zen decoration

The types of furniture and textiles in the Zen decoration

Neither is there a specific type of furniture but rather, some correct lines. Without a doubt, they will always be the simplest of all. No furniture very ornate, with original forms. The best thing is to opt for the minimalist touch in this case. Straight lines, without great additions or striking colors. Natural wood will be one of the great allies when we think of furniture. Of course, we can also choose between wicker, stone or bamboo, among others. If you want to add decorative elements such as cushions for the bedroom or living room, you can help with textiles such as cotton, linen or silk.

Colors to use

It is true that in these environments, wood is combined with white. Because in this way, in addition to providing tranquility for our senses, the light will also be the protagonist. In the same way, with this combination, the spaces will appear more spacious and luminous. But you can also give a special touch as the scale of the grays as well as add some red burgundy or dark green, without forgetting the earth tones. If you want some shade a little clearer, always in smaller doses and that does not recharge the environment.Zen decoration

Nature helps you combine the decorative details

We mentioned something about them before, but they deserved to have their own space. So you can see that it is not a boring decoration, but on the contrary, you can also add certain decorative details. Details that will give a more natural touch. Because as we know, this decoration brings us closer to nature. That is why in addition to wood we can use ceramics to decorate. Without forgetting the candles, which always have a great role. Around all this Zen decoration is also common to find plants in the corners. What do you think about Zen decoration?

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